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Comfort Armrest System® and Banner Display System® are registered trademarks of Sydmeko Industri AB.

Armrest manufacturing since 1989

Sydmeko Industri AB has been developing and producing armrest solutions since 1989. It is an ingenious and complete system for most car types on the market, passenger cars as well as light and heavy trucks, motorhomes and more.
The company also makes OEM-related adaptations (tailor-made armrest solutions) for seat manufacturers in the bus, truck, train and handicap industries, etc. according to customers’ different needs and wishes.

StandOut Banner Display System

A flexible rack system for exposure of banners in harsh outdoor environments. Suitable for both temporary and permanent exposure and can be adapted for a variety of banner sizes. Please visit StandOut’s website for more information.

”Manufacturer of great ideas”

Do you have a good idea but need help developing it into a finished product? Let us help you. We have long experience of product development in CAD environment with our own prototype workshop and full-scale metalworking production under one roof in southern Sweden. Add to this that we have a well-established network of subcontractors working in different materials as well as our own office with warehouses and sales resources in Germany. This makes us a stable and reliable partner for both small and medium-sized customers who need a partner who can participate and take your project all the way from start to finish.

The closest in the line of companies we partner with is Hayway AB, who needed help with the design and manufacture of an automatic feeding machine for horses that you can control via your smartphone. The product is named DayFeed and is a Swedish invention with manufacturing in Sweden. Launch will take place in spring 2020 and the hope is that this will be a great success in the horse world! Read more about the product here www.dayfeed.se.


With sustainable manufacturing in Sweden, we offer innovations to the whole world.

ISO certified management system

ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015


Through a long-term partnership with customers and suppliers, we remain focused on the market.

With renewal and striving, we offer products with high added value to new and existing customers in an international market.

CSR – Corporate Sustainability Report

Sydmeko’s CSR

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